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Are you an ICT entrepreneur? Would you like to expand your expertise and increase your efficiency? Are you looking for the scale to be able to serve nationwide clients? Then investigate your options for joining Futureproof Group. It's actually very simple; you just have to be yourself.

Affiliated members remain independent. We believe that entrepreneurship is conditional for success. Therefore, each ICT service provider remains its own brand within Futureproof Group. Every member has been establised as a trusted advisor for years - and we want to keep it that way. All the brands share the same future-focussed vision. We work closely together, serve the same clients, complement one another and share resources. Together, we are strong.

Eight reasons to join

  1. Futureproof Group is experiencing the fastest growth of its kind.
  2. Share knowledge and resources with regard to HR, technology and marketing.
  3. Innovate even faster, together.
  4. Profit from scale.
  5. Provide more managed services than you yourself operate.
  6. Benefit from a purchasing advantage due to synergy.
  7. Benefit from the group's scope for investment.
  8. Grow through autonomy and collaboration.
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SME investment fund

Futureproof Group is financially strong and has the scope to invest in the desired growth. The Dutch investment company MKB Fonds provides the funding for the buy & build strategy. This gives all the entrepreneurs involved the scope to realize their ambitions. They will be pleased to tell you more.


Since 2019, DWE ICT has been an independent member within the Futureproof Group, which has brought a lot of good to our customers and colleagues. Customers can count on a very solid organisation, national coverage and both broad and in-depth ICT knowledge. In addition, our independent approach preserves the personal relationship. For the colleagues, the mutual cooperation results in fun and challenging jobs, while the development and career opportunities are more than excellent due to the collective size.

DWE ICT is a real Microsoft house with competences in the field of MS365, Azure and Dynamics. In addition, we are known within the group as the specialist in the field of Fortinet products such as firewalls, switches and WiFi, in which the FortiManager plays an important role.


Ron Groen


Futureproof Group successfully achieves synergy, in which 1+1 = at least 3. Through the power of individual specialisms, each member organization contributes towards the rock-solid total concept that we can offer as a group with regard to knowledge, expertise, capacity and nationwide coverage.

Futureproof Group is a powerhouse of excellent, autonomous ICT service providers with a proven track record. While retaining our 'own DNA', as a group we achieve future-proofing for our clients, employees and share holders.


Arjo Middelveld


Through Futureproof Group we are better able to provide a complete service package for our clients. Each of the FPG companies is able to focus, specialize and excel in a particular area of the complex ICT world. Together, we can deliver optimum support for all your business processes.

Advisor distinguishes itself with its strong focus on the cloud, networking, security and Microsoft applications such as Sharepoint, Teams and PowerBI.

Are you interested in the optimization of your business processes? Then contact us! I'd be pleased to talk to you about all the options.

Advisor ICT Solutions

Eric van 't Boveneind


Arrix was founded in 2002 and in the years that followed we realized a nice constant organic growth. At the time of joining the Futureproof Group (FPG), Arrix had grown into a company with approximately 55 employees. And as with many companies, at some point a succession issue also started to arise at Arrix. My associate and co-founder of Arrix indicated that he wanted to retire in a few years. In addition, we have the vision that an ICT company should have a certain minimum size in order to be and remain successful in the longer term. In our opinion, Arrix still had too little scale and the necessary size would not be achieved in a reasonable term with organic growth. For these reasons, we wanted to join a strategic party that could guarantee the continuity of Arrix.

In 2019 we chose FPG because the vision of FPG appealed to us the most. The vision that a participation has its own Management Board, which is itself responsible for the performance of the company and in which FPG acts as a facilitator. You can continue to do business as you always did, making use of the knowledge, expertise and synergy benefits of a large organization. And besides the fact that the vision of FPG appeals, there is also a good personal click, where FPG simply keeps what they promise. That gives confidence!


Bernard Veenstra

Would you also like to become Futureproof?

Do you also recognize the need to join forces in order to become future-proof? For us, it is important that new candidates have proven entrepreneurial qualities and a focus on managed services.

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