Where are
things going?

We are continually searching for insights that offer guidance and help, not only to clients but also to ourselves. We have identified seven key trends that highlight the importance of our organization.

Man with laptop and woman pointing at something
Man with laptop and woman pointing at something

Trend #1

Digital transformation is accelerating exponentially

ICT is a condition for the success of every modern organization that wishes to improve itself. You name it, ICT can make it happen. New solutions are springing up everywhere you look. Disruption seems to be the new standard.

Things are moving fast. Innovation is the catalyst for innovation. And with the emergence of AI, machine learning and IoT technology, the digital transformation is accelerating exponentially. The consequences are huge.

Trend #2

Developments are occurring fast
and the complexity is increasing

Worldwide, countless ICT solutions are being offered. Every day, a new option is added to the mix. The developments are impossible for anyone to keep up with. Are you looking for a solution for your organization? The endless options can make it extremely difficult to reach a decision.

Man with laptop and woman pointing at something

Trend #3

Point solutions collectively make
the difference

In order to distinguish themselves from the competition, developers are opening the door to integration with third party solutions. This enables organizations to tailor their support for business processes by combining different platforms or systems. It sounds great, but it also has its downsides. That is trend 4.

Man with laptop and woman pointing at something
Man with laptop and woman pointing at something

Trend #4

Lots of insight, little overview

Every point solution has its own reporting module. More and more companies are being guided by insights obtained from multiple dashboards. There is a growing need to streamline the different solutions into one user-friendly system which not only provides insight, but also overview.

Trend #5

Security and privacy are crucial

The data protection legislation didn't just appear from nowhere. Point solutions offer optimization, but not in synch with neighbouring third party integrations. This always creates a gap which cyber criminals can slip through, resulting in the developer having to seal it off. It's a never-ending game of cat and mouse that is becoming increasingly challenging, especially if ongoing development becomes more difficult to achieve due to a lack of IT talent.

Man with laptop and woman pointing at something
Man with laptop and woman pointing at something

Trend #6

The war
on talent

In a world that is developing exponentially and where every solution is dependent on another, it is logical that the demand for IT experts is rocketing. There is already a major shortage, and this is only set to increase. This will lead to a shake-out of solutions which can no longer keep up with the dictated tempo.

Trend #7

Focus on productivity

We live in a time when employees have become the most costly factor. Those same employees want to be challenged and are not keen to do repetitive work. ICT brings efficiency, fuels productivity and enables employees to work and grow according to their ambitions.

Man with laptop and woman pointing at something

Why FPG?

What's next?

Every entrepreneur will agree: Standing still is not an option. You have to innovate; the competition is also moving forward. It is important that companies make future-proofing a key priority when it comes to ICT.

Man with laptop and woman pointing at something

Think ahead. The integration of a new solution has a big impact on the organization. What if it turns out to be a blind alley: will you still be able to turn around and come back? And if so, what will the consequences be? For instance, how long will it be before everyone can work with the subsequent solution?

Why Futureproof Group?

To be able to make the difference, organizations must keep the focus on their core business. And now more than ever they need a strong IT partner who will stand close by them; the trusted advisor who has knowledge of their world and maintains that knowledge.

Futureproof Group provides the best of two worlds. Our brands are all driven by successful entrepreneurs. They pool their strengths but keep their own focus. Together, we outshine the rest when it comes to agility. We offer both the broad and the specialist expertise that organizations need.

We focus on managed services

Futureproof Group works with proven managed services as much as possible. These are winning solutions that undergo continuous and bold development. Managed services ensure efficiency for all stakeholders.

Developers of managed services

These developers are able to focus on the continuous optimization and future-proofing of their service.

End users

By opting for managed services, these end users do not have to make any pre-investment and can upscale on demand.

Our brands

We are able to efficiently monitor and manage ICT-driven business processes. With this, we gain a great deal of time which is structurally invested in our clients’ knowledge and in pro-actively responding in case of problems. We see this as a condition for progress.

Futureproof Group makes innovation affordable

ICT is a commodity in which structural investment is essential. We make budgets go further by standardizing and automatizing many aspects of our own service provision. We are also self-disciplined and have given meticulous thought to the solutions that we believe in and in which we accumulate knowledge. For instance, our client portal reports the most important insights entirely automatically so that organizations can see at any moment how healthy their ICT environment is.

We work on the basis of ICT roadmaps

As a trusted advisor, we need to know where our clients want to go, what facilitates this and what hinders it. That calls for continuous insight into a world that is and will always be in motion. To make this possible, we use a central ICT roadmap which connects goals with solutions. By evaluating this periodically we are able to make continuous small adjustments and to prevent unexpected large investments.

We are future-proof.

Futureproof Group is supported by the MKB Fonds (SME investment fund). The group is structurally expanded and reinforced by means of a buy & build strategy. In this way, we guarantee reliable and trusted partnership that can count on financial backing at all times. Those who strive for business continuity and progress, can rely on Futureproof Group. Today and tomorrow.

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